Our 7 Pillars of Dhyey strengthening reliability to achieve growth.

To grow and triumph in life, it is crucial to have a vision! And vision without action will remain just a dream.

We at Dhyey, build our business on a strong foundation, based on seven vital pillars that make our services cent percent reliable!
We value customer validation, and hence we understand that even one misaligned wheel will not produce the desired outcome.

Any business will need to have a set of factors on which its growth depends. Similarly, the Dhyey consultancy services aim to expand the horizons by focussing on these 7 departments, which form the 7 significant pillars of this business. Each department collaborates to achieve SMART (Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Based) goals.

Business Developers


The goal of this team is to provide go-to-market strategies for customers. This team explores and generates prospects that add value to their business.
Prospect generation is an art by itself. It involves researching a given territory, building a database of the suspects, connecting with individuals through a telecall or social media, and converting them to prospects by showcasing the value addition that Dhyey provides to their business. This team being the face value of the organization, participates in exhibitions to analyze what exactly are the market demands.


Sales Executives

This department plays a crucial role in steering further business. After identifying the prospects, the entrepreneurs engage with them and ensure that the prospects understand the need to associate with Dhyey and the value addition it brings in to their business. The possibilities are often curious about the product and services offered. Hence, the entrepreneurs do the job of demonstrating the product, defining user roles and rights, preparing a solution, and the total cost of operation. This team aims at maintaining a cooperative relationship with the customers.


Project Management

The project management team plays the pivotal role in the company. Upon receiving the orders, this team actively starts building a successful project that satisfies the customer’s needs. Their activities include collecting the user requirements, designing work breakdown structure, resource planning, performing fit-gap analysis, developing gap solutions, preparing user manual and training notes, and perform go-live activities.
The best return on investments does a successful project. This team ensures that unique ideas go into doing the project that results in an error-free product.



The support staff plays the warriors of an organization, whether big or small. If you think that the job is done once the end product is delivered, you are mistaken.
The actual job begins after that. Providing quality support to the customers and finding solutions to all their queries during the hyper-care period is a huge challenge for all businesses. Dhyey is constantly in the search for ideal candidates who are patient and diplomatic listeners to support the customers in every front. Dhyey values customer feedback, and the dedicated staff employed are always at the customer’s beck and call.

People’s Manager

Relationship Management

As much important as it is to develop a product for a client, it is equally important to maintain cordial relations with the client after that. This team aims to resolve any customer issues. They work on strategies to foster long-term relationships, which ultimately boosts Dhyey’s brand and reputation. Dhyey is looking for relationship managers who would take responsibility to keep things running smoothly and to ensure that every individual is comfortable playing their roles.



The R&D department in the organization effectively performs several highly important jobs.
The demands of clients are always fluctuating. With new advancements in technology, the R&D department is constantly planning, researching, and implementing new products to satisfy clients with top-notch quality.
It works strategically to meet the customer’s future needs too. Research analysts in the industry with effective tactics and good potential are wanted to raise Dhyey’s benchmark.



The decisions made by this department are made with utmost care after careful consideration. This department considers the potential consequences of their management decisions on profits, cash flow, and the company’s financial condition.
The finance managers play an important role in ensuring that profit levels are maintained throughout.
They play a role in keeping the business numbers correct, thus ensuring transparency across its members.
Dhyey needs qualified and certified financial analysts to help develop strategies and achieve long term financial goals. Good financial health determines the success of a company.

At Dhyey, we all are creative by thoughts and united with our mission.

Evidently these 7 pillars form are our backbone, spurring its growth and helping to achieve our mission successfully. Each of these seven departments is important in their way, and they work together to ensure reliability to its clients.

At Dhyey, these departments work in unity and with integrity to establish its name in the community, and we have succeeded by far!