[vc_row type=”container”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Microsoft delivers advanced scheduling, resource optimization and mobile enablement capabilities that set organizations apart by keeping the customer at the center of the business. Field Service, including advanced analytics, machine learning and the Internet of Things’ capabilities, allows field service organizations to move from a costly break-fix model to a never-fail service model. 


We provide complete flexibility in how organizations choose to schedule their resources by offering manual, assisted, and automated, optimized scheduling. In each of these workflows, we support schedulers with visual cues to simplify their work. We leverage inventory management capabilities that capture real-time information from deliveries and technicians to ensure that the right parts are always ready to go. On their way to and at the customer location, technicians use a mobile app to stay connected. Each technician updates their status like driving, in-progress work, and completed work. 


Key Benefits 




Keep the customer informed during every interaction of the service chain to increase brand loyalty and advocacy. 




Keep Provide employees and technicians with 360⁰ information, from any location to improve resource productivity and customer satisfaction. 




Improve profitability by optimizing schedules and use remote troubleshooting so a technician is dispatched only when necessary. 





Field Service helps organizations improve customer satisfaction with reliable service through predictable service delivery and inventory management with flexible service schedules that can be recurring 

if needed. 


It also maintains the accuracy of service contracts, warranties, and installed products across customers, geographies, and locations. 


When contract data is accurate and available, SLAs are met, customers are satisfied, and all 


service revenue is accounted for. Enhanced visibility into accurate contract information not only drives faster, more accurate billing, it enables field service teams to identify new sales opportunities to drive additional revenue. 






Field Service provides the ability to manage people and equipment with flexible scheduling options. 


A drag-and-drop schedule board allows dispatchers to assign resources and setup schedules for multiple work orders using a map or list view, while resource scheduling optimization fully automates scheduling. 









Resource scheduling optimization 


Automatically create an optimized, prioritized schedule. Typically, to fit in the most appointments per day, an organization optimizes for distance between appointments. 



As daily work gets added or removed from a schedule, the schedule gets re-optimized in real time to ensure the field service organization is humming. 



Schedulers can lock certain appointments to fulfill a prior service promise made to customers and ensures that personal time like breaks and lunch example, are not included in the shuffling of the schedule. 






Inventory Management 


Synchronize inventory, set re-order points and track inventory down to the truck level helping drive efficiency and productivity. Manage your inventory across locations, including warehouses, depots, and trucks. Inventory is always accurate, so you can better track your service stock for fewer write-offs and create better forecasts. 





Connected Field Service Incremental path to implementation 






Simple Design 


Field Service combines the power of Field Service with Internet of Things connected devices. This means that devices report anomalies that can then be resolved before customers know there is a problem. 

Connected Field Service provides a simple to configure experience so either newly installed or existing customer assets can be connected from within Field Service. Behind the scenes, it leverages a preconfigured Azure IoT Remote Monitoring solution, Azure Logic Apps and API Connector. 


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