by Yogesh Dalal

It is a known believe that the best business is one that earns the highest revenue. The purpose of a company is to generate maximum profit. The best way to increase the profit is to reduce the costs, be it through economies of scale or by cutting the operating costs.

One smart way of reducing the costs and increasing the efficiency is to manage the production breakdown. It can be argued that the breakdowns are mostly unpredictable and can be managed to a certain extend. However, these unseen malfunctions can be administered and be reduced to an insignificant level through decreasing the downtime.

The most essential part of running a process industry is to keep the assets working and producing the finished product without any delay. The breakdowns can be managed by reviewing the prior experience of the asset groups and managing the maintenance according to the historical data. By using this data, a proactive approach can be applied and the machines can be reviewed for repair and maintenance and overhauling (MRO) on timely basis.

The costs incurred for MRO of the machines should be forecasted by using the prior experiences and this cost can be reduced to a minimum level, if managed properly.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can be of great use in managing the production breakdown. The analytical data can be fetched from the software for each machine along with the use of alerts in case of any critical date approaching. Microsoft Dynamics is an example of an ERP software that can provide comprehensive data and control any situation causing bottle neck.

The system can also generate alerts in case of insufficient quantity of spare parts required for the maintenance of the machines effecting the production cycle. The integrated modules in the ERP provide easy access to information which can be used for efficient production process.

Other factors to consider are training of labors, prioritizing the task and analyzing the work orders generated for the machines over their useful lives.

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