Organization are increasingly opening up their innovation processes and experimenting with different “open innovation” strategies and products. A Center of Excellence encourages open innovation. Open innovation is based on the belief that knowledgeable and creative people outside the organization who contributes to achieving strategic goal. Working alongside with knowledge, smart, innovative minded individual gives companies’ new perspective to an old problem.

Center of Excellence brings out shared service-

  1. That builds differentiating capabilities that deliver tangible value to the business and its stakeholder.
  2. That develop and cultivate forward thinking talent who understand the business and customer service.
  3. That helps to ease to maintain high standard and structure.

At Dhyey we work with Microsoft Dynamics Partners, we provide CoE as a Service where we facilitate resources for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our CoE enhances business processes and boost up efficiency and productivity. We provide you with a holistic team which we try to replicate or mirror your organization’s standard and ethics with our leading-edge knowledge and competency in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ERP/CRM/BI).

Our center of excellence provides major benefits such as,

Our CoE have few guiding principles that ensures our success

Leadership in a CoE is the key element when creating a vision, mobilizing the resources and keep momentum going to ensure the CoE can continue to create impact. Our Center of Excellence is led by visionary and ecosystem influencers. They ensure the success of your Project as we Identify, Innovate and Implement

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