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BI Solutions

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Dhyey consulting offer below products as Business Management solution. Dhyey consulting offer Various BI solution for Data analysis with rich GUI

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for field service

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Microsoft delivers advanced scheduling, resource optimization and mobile enablement capabilities that set organizations apart by keeping the customer at the center of the business. Field Service, including advanced analytics, machine learning and the Internet of Things’ capabilities, allows field service organizations to move from a costly break-fix model to a never-fail service model. 


We provide complete flexibility in how organizations choose to schedule their resources by offering manual, assisted, and automated, optimized scheduling. In each of these workflows, we support schedulers with visual cues to simplify their work. We leverage inventory management capabilities that capture real-time information from deliveries and technicians to ensure that the right parts are always ready to go. On their way to and at the customer location, technicians use a mobile app to stay connected. Each technician updates their status like driving, in-progress work, and completed work. 


Key Benefits 




Keep the customer informed during every interaction of the service chain to increase brand loyalty and advocacy. 




Keep Provide employees and technicians with 360⁰ information, from any location to improve resource productivity and customer satisfaction. 




Improve profitability by optimizing schedules and use remote troubleshooting so a technician is dispatched only when necessary. 





Field Service helps organizations improve customer satisfaction with reliable service through predictable service delivery and inventory management with flexible service schedules that can be recurring 

if needed. 


It also maintains the accuracy of service contracts, warranties, and installed products across customers, geographies, and locations. 


When contract data is accurate and available, SLAs are met, customers are satisfied, and all 


service revenue is accounted for. Enhanced visibility into accurate contract information not only drives faster, more accurate billing, it enables field service teams to identify new sales opportunities to drive additional revenue. 






Field Service provides the ability to manage people and equipment with flexible scheduling options. 


A drag-and-drop schedule board allows dispatchers to assign resources and setup schedules for multiple work orders using a map or list view, while resource scheduling optimization fully automates scheduling. 




  • Identifies and organizes available resources by categories to balance workloads and resources.  


  • Matches characteristics of technicians against requirements of work.  


  • Understands geography, availability, truck inventory, regulatory requirements, customer preference, and service level agreement.  


  • Easily reallocate resources in response to changes or emergency situations.  


  • Multiple scheduling options from drag and drop to fully automated and optimized.  


Resource scheduling optimization 


Automatically create an optimized, prioritized schedule. Typically, to fit in the most appointments per day, an organization optimizes for distance between appointments. 



As daily work gets added or removed from a schedule, the schedule gets re-optimized in real time to ensure the field service organization is humming. 



Schedulers can lock certain appointments to fulfill a prior service promise made to customers and ensures that personal time like breaks and lunch example, are not included in the shuffling of the schedule. 


  • Fit in more appointments per day.  


  • Prioritize highest value customers.  


  • Minimize driving time.  


  • Send a customer’s preferred technician.  


Inventory Management 


Synchronize inventory, set re-order points and track inventory down to the truck level helping drive efficiency and productivity. Manage your inventory across locations, including warehouses, depots, and trucks. Inventory is always accurate, so you can better track your service stock for fewer write-offs and create better forecasts. 





Connected Field Service Incremental path to implementation 


  • Basic: When an anomaly is detected, Field Service automatically creates a work order and dispatches a technician to consider the issue. This level of Connected Field Service takes a proactive approach to improve customer satisfaction by decreasing overall downtime and making repairs before customers become aware of the problem.  


  • Advanced: When an anomaly is detected, Field Service asks the device to try to fix itself with a single, self-healing command. If that command doesn’t work, then Field Service automatically creates a work order and schedules a technician. Organizations experience improved customer satisfaction levels and gain greater productivity because fewer technicians are dispatched when devices can self-heal.  


  • Expert: At this level, Field Service initiates a multi-step workflow when an anomaly is detected. This attempts to fix the device in as many ways possible without requiring human intervention. This level maximizes customer satisfaction and resource productivity because a technician is only dispatched when all other possibilities are exhausted.  



Simple Design 


Field Service combines the power of Field Service with Internet of Things connected devices. This means that devices report anomalies that can then be resolved before customers know there is a problem. 

Connected Field Service provides a simple to configure experience so either newly installed or existing customer assets can be connected from within Field Service. Behind the scenes, it leverages a preconfigured Azure IoT Remote Monitoring solution, Azure Logic Apps and API Connector. 



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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

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The way customers interact with businesses has fundamentally changed. Today’s customers are connected via mobile devices, plugged into their social network, and doing their own research. They are more informed and have higher expectations. Sales team must adapt to the new customer journey by personalizing every interaction based on customer needs and intent. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales enables deeper customer engagement in an increasingly complex sales environment. Sellers can take action based on insights, build strong relationships, and increase sales performance, all while maximizing productivity. 


Key Benefits 




Leverage intelligent insights and business processes to increase revenue while reducing acquisition cost 




Reduce distractions and know where to prioritize in a fast-paced sales environment 




Close deals faster and increase revenue through sales collaboration and productivity 

Key Capabilities 




Take action confidently. Derive meaningful intelligence from large amounts of complex data to provide sellers with contextual actionable insights that are easy to understand. Insights are in context of customer relationship so it’s easy to focus on the right priorities and drive personal engagement. 


Prospect & Lead Prioritization 


Transform your organization from diagnosing what happened in the past to predicting what will happen in the future, leading to improvements in retention, engagement, and monetization. By combining enterprise account and sales data with business and consumer LifeData and machine learning by Versium Predict, sales teams can 


  • Identify the most important leads to focus on 


  • Find new prospects 


  • Ensure accurate and complete data for multi-channel campaigns 


Relationship Health 

Sell smarter with signals from Office 365 and Dynamics 365 that reveal relationship health, risk, and next best action, allowing sales team to focus on the most important prospects and customers. Live, pre-built dashboards and reports from PowerBI have drill-through, interactive, and visual capabilities to ensure that actionable insights are easily accessible so sales teams can make better, faster decisions. 


Social media tracking 


Sellers can easily leverage social selling to spot buying signals, identify competitive threats, and keep a pulse on the market. Build authority in social channels by sharing relevant content. Find more high-quality leads by using social to identify and act on buying signals and create leads based on social posts. See a snapshot of social activities through embedded buzz volume, trends, and sentiment analysis 

Customer Intelligence 


Harness the power of Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights to engage customers in more personalized and effective ways. Get everyone in the organization on the same page by using a single, easy-to-reference dashboard that’s configured just for the sales team. 


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Foster relationships with buyers through authentic and personal engagement. Unify the sales experience around relationships with insights that enable sellers to deliver the attentive engagement that today’s buyers demand. 


LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration 


Tap into the power of LinkedIn’s network of more than 500 million professional members. Identify, understand, and connect with buyers by tapping into the power of social networks, including those of your colleagues. Build trust with continuous insights and recommendations centered on actual customer needs. Grow and expand relationships with the support of unified data and process that make it easy to manage relationships at scale. 


Relationship Assistant 


Get a clear picture of each customer relationship with a single relationship health score, calculated from large amounts of data representing transactions, customer sentiment, emails and content exchanged, and frequency and level of customer interactions brought together from CRM, email, and social networks. See the strength and trend of each relationship to proactively focus on the relationships that need extra attention. 


Email Intelligence 


Gain insights from email interactions with customers. Find out which email recipients opened, replied, or opened attachments, so you know which contacts are most receptive to being engaged. 


Content Personalization 


Reduce the time and effort searching for and creating personalized sales documents. Relevant content comes to you based on what you are working on and who you are working with. Personalize content with familiar Office 365 tools that enable simultaneous collaboration and editing. Provide access to sales documents directly from the opportunities you are working on. 





Increase revenue, boost productivity, and reduce costs when you automate sales processes through a highly-intuitive interface and Microsoft Office-embedded capabilities. 


Sales Process 


Optimize the sales efforts with process automation and a guided sales process based on best practices. Know what steps to take next to close deals faster with embedded business process. Increase user adoption with rich, context-sensitive help and guidance across the web and mobile apps. 




Opportunity Management 


Manage customers and deals where and how you work, whether it’s web apps or Outlook across smartphone, tablet, PC, and Mac. 

Office 365 apps work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 for Sales, so salespeople can complete tasks in familiar, preferred tools. Track incoming emails inside Outlook and Outlook Web Access and see contextual sales data, such as activities, cases, and opportunities, as part of emails. And when it’s time to conduct what-if analysis, just open sales data in Excel, make changes, and save the changes back to Dynamics 365 for Sales, all without switching between applications. Qualify leads quickly or walk into customer meetings informed with accurate 3rd party firmographics, news, and compelling events, embedded directly inside accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities. 







Create a culture that nurtures success. Accelerate sales performance with real-time analytics based on historical data and predictive information. Inspire, onboard, coach, and motivate your team to achieve more. 


Seller Onboarding 


Ease onboarding and align sales behavior with best practices by using business process management and interactive help and documentation. It’s not just for learning how to use the Sales application. It’s also ideal for driving your organization’s specific sales processes and immediate priorities. 


Sales Effectiveness 


Hit your numbers by setting goals, monitoring results, and providing feedback and coaching in real-time. With quota setting and analytic dashboards, easily set goals, monitor results, investigate deviations from plan, and take corrective action. Conduct what-if analysis with immersive Excel and pre-built templates, all without leaving the Sales application. 


Reports and Dashboards 


Get answers fast with natural language Q&A. Conduct all the analysis independently, without having to rely on any technical resources. Use pre-built Power BI Sales Templates to get up and running quickly. 


In addition to Power BI, sales managers can use the at-a-glance dashboards and contextual charts and graphs right inside Dynamics 365 for Sales to get insights quickly about sales performance. Or create new charts and graphs on the spot. 



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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft focused on enhancing the customer relationship for any organization. Out of the box, the product focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service sectors, though Microsoft has been marketing Dynamics CRM as an XRM platform and has been encouraging partners to use its proprietary (.NET based) framework to customize it. In recent years, it has also grown as an Analytics platform driven by CRM. 


The CRM Solution can be used to drive the sales productivity and marketing effectiveness for an organization, handle the complete customer support chain, and provide social insights, business intelligence, and a lot of other out-of-the-box functionalities and features. As a product, Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers full mobile support for using CRM apps on mobiles and tablets. 


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is offered in two categories: 


CRM Online 


CRM Online is a cloud-based offering of Microsoft Dynamics CRM where all the backend processes (such as application servers, setups, deployments, databases, licensing, etc.) are managed on Microsoft servers. CRM Online is a subscription-based offering which is preferred for organizations who may not want to manage all the technicalities involved in a CRM implementation. You can get started with setting up your system in a few days (not weeks, months or years) and access it on web via your browser. 


CRM On-Premise 


CRM on-premise is a more customized and robust offering of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, where the CRM application and databases will be deployed on your servers. This offering allows you to control all your databases, customizations, deployments, backups, licensing and other network and hardware setups. Generally, organizations who want to go for a customized CRM solution prefer on-premise deployment as it offers better integration and customization capabilities. 


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operation is a global ERP Solution of Microsoft and covers all departments and integrate them to help your employees take right decision as it provides 360 Degree point of view analysis and cover all required features and other high-end modules like Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Finance and operations, Talent, Project Serve Automation, Retail, Marketing, customer insight. And cover process cycle of sales to cash, purchase to pay, formulate to produce, finance fixed asset and more.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operation Provide role center-based dashboard to help employee get easily accustomed to the solution and perform better. It has extensive built in options and provision of easy customization let you fit your software to your business needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operation can easily be integrated with office 365, Power BI, Power Apps and other Microsoft Product. Dynamics 365 for finance and operation is available on both the options that are on premise and on cloud.

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner Dhyey Consulting Services having its presence in Vadodara, Gujarat provides licenses for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operation. If you are looking for implementing Dynamics 365 for finance and operation or if you have any query for the same, please do reach us out.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and helps you connect your financial, sales, service and operations which helps to streamline business processes and make better decision. Dynamics 365 BC helps you to digitally transform your business applications by enabling multichannel applications that infuse artificial intelligence (AI) mixed reality, social and Mobile capabilities for rapid innovation. It enables to achieve reports as desired with built in Intelligence. Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC help you to manage your financials, optimize your supply chain, improve customer service, manage projects as per decided time and budget, manage operations and run your business by Deploying Dynamics 365 BC from on cloud, on premise or hybrid.

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner Dhyey Consulting Services provides licenses for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. If you are looking for implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central or if you have any query for the same, please do reach us out.

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Dhyey consulting offer below products as Business Management solution. Dhyey consulting offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution for Various Industries


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Dhyey consulting offer below products as Business Management solution. Dhyey consulting offer Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution for Various Industries


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