Magicrete Building Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Project Name: ERP, CRM, BI and IOT Solutions
Client: Magicrete Building Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Project Commencement Date: January 10, 2010
Project Completion Date: April 01, 2010
ERP Solution: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016
CRM Solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
Business Intelligence Reporting Solution: Quick Reports

Magicrete are engaged in manufacturing of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks. Also referred to as Lightweight Concrete Blocks, it has been walling material of choice across Europe & Middle East. Our annual production capacity is over 8,00,000 m3. The production facilities are located in Surat (Gujarat) & Jhajjar (Haryana) and have established a distribution network in the Western & Northern India.


  • Required standard practice department wide and with proper documentation and tracking at one place.
  • Required product costing of finished goods with Direct Cost & Indirect cost of power, fuel and labours.
  • Truck Management for shipments
  • Efficient data entry process from plant and remote location units
  • Implement notification to feed customer / vendor for payment and invoices.
  • Portal for employee for daily service registration, leads, orders.
  • Portal for customers / vendors to check due payments and ledger.
  • Payroll Calculations, Training schedules & Loan Management maintained manually.


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 solution is deployed with 4 units in India in JUST 45 DAYS.
  • Integrated platform with all internal departments.
  • Add-on Notification+ for sending SMS to Notifies.
  • Add-on for Computerized Maintenance Management
  • Customer / Vendors / Employee portal with Web Interface.
  • Android application to access Dynamics NAV
  • Provided with NAV Payroll Add-on which automize Payroll, Training, Loan, Recruitment, Timesheet & leave management.

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  • Accepted Dynamics NAV as-is Microsoft suggested global practice
  • Web / Android integration provided 360 Degree transparency for their customers and vendors
  • Production Process are improvised and streamline and gained more efficiency by reducing scrap generation.
  • Inventory control over years and provided better decision making in purchase.
  • Documentation with customers and suppliers are made online which reduce 10% of their communication expense
  • They were able to capture the complete Hire to Retire cycle with the ERP.


Dhyey team approach entire project diligently towards achieving goals with our business priority. It was paradigm shift when we switch all our business processes on single platform of Microsoft.

Sourabh Bansal, Director
Magicrete Building Solutions Pvt. Ltd.