Version Upgrade

Upgrading NAV is a difficult process for an organization as making changes in the functioning of the company is not easy. The need to update the software is realised when the current software is not fulfilling the tasks. The following can help identifying the required change:

  • Microsoftstopped the software support in terms ofsupport patches and critical updates
  • Keep up with the latest cloud technology and improved functionality
  • Technical lacking makes it difficult for NAV to integrate with various other products

It might seem a decision difficult to make but changing to Microsoft Dynamic 365 is worth it. It is a powerful and user-friendly software that will unite the front and the back office with a single end-to-end system to manage marketing, sales, operations, finances and customer service for an organization.
With Dhyey Consulting, the version upgrade will be a hassle-free process. We have the expertise to update Microsoft Dynamics NAV for every version (version 3.60 onwards to 2017). Dhyey Consulting uses advanced tools for the version upgrade to give more structured outputs. As the name suggests, we are constantly and dynamically evolving to respond to economic, operational and organizational challenges.

DynamicsStars Overview

Its exclusive features include

  • More than twelve specialised version upgrade consultants
  • Adheres to Microsoft standard steps & Tools
  • Project Managementwhich is driven by Metrics
  • Successful completion of more than 28 migration across the globe
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