Vendor Tracking Portal

  • Are you leading the accounts team of your organisation?
  • Does your work demand you to be in touch with multiple vendors?
  • Do they keep on pestering you for invoice details, ledgers and statements, etc.?
  • Has your organisation purchased many items from individual vendors over a period?
  • Are you a regular user of Dynamics NAV?

If you have replied in the affirmative in response to all these questions, there is just one simple solution that will help you get rid of the problems mentioned above and such similar issues. It is often seen how organisations are frequently pestered by vendors to get satisfactory reconciliation, ledger statements, etc. To bid adieu to all these problems, Dhyey Consultinghad developed a unique solution for all our customers who fervently replied positively in answer to the questions above.
The solution is called Vendor Tracking Portal, and when we say it, we mean it. Gone are the days when a lot of vendors repeatedly bothered you. Replace those irksome days with this user-friendly service of ours. There are a plethora of features amalgamated in the Vendor tracking portal which will make your transactions with the vendor much easier than you ever thought.

DynamicsStars Overview

Our salient features include-

  1. Order Status Check- Do you want to repeatedly call the vendor and be bothered about the status of delivery of your product? No, right? We developed this feature so that you don’t have to be tensed about it and don’t have to keep on calling the vendor. The scope of mismanagement reduces as well.
  2. Vendor Company Information access- We all need to have atleast some basic information regarding who are we really dealing with, don't we? Our vendor portal does just that for you. You can access the information of the company from the comfort of your home, minus all the hassle.
  3. Vendor specific graphic dashboard- There is a specific dashboard allotted to every vendor, and it's in a graphic form which makes it quite aesthetically pleasing and the information understandable.
  4. Debit memos, payment statement downloadable reports - Fret not about the all the financial information that you need to take care of! Our unique feature takes care of that too. Do check this out!
  5. Ledger information access- Which purchase was made on which day? What was the quantity of the product you ordered? There are times when you tell yourself that you will write down the accounts somewhere and end up forgetting about it completely. But, not anymore!

The solution has been developedon the .NET platform and can be easily integrated with your Dynamics NAV ERP via web services. Give your vendor an easy digital access which makes it easy for him to keep an account of all his transactions with your organisation. So, what are you waiting for? Don't forget to check out these great features and experience transactions like never before.

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