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In the evolving cloud-era, it is inevitable for your business to transform and adopt the emerging technologies. As your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP partner, Dhyey Consulting extends complete support in terms of upgrade, migration as well as re-implementation. We improve your business capabilities with our support for the partner, thus offering you increased number of opportunities.

DynamicsStars Overview

Why partner with us?

We offer extensive support to our partners. Partnering with us will help you get support at all times, irrespective of the issue, which can be quite a good thing for your business.
We overhaul your existing system after conducting a health check-up and understanding the system that will add value to your system and business.
We migrate, upgrade and even re-implement the systems based on your needs. We do a need analysis, based on which we offer the solution
We help you overcome the IT staffing challenges by helping you with the system support. You don’t need to hold the necessary infrastructure or IT staff. This simply saves a lot of costs and ensures work done.
We offer complete report and analysis of your system and their needs. We offer recommendations along with our reports, making it easy for you to implement it.

How do we help?

  • We start by conducting a health check-up for your business. We do a need analysis and even study the problems in your existing system
  • We strategize the ERP solution for your business. We recommend the hosting and ERP solution that will go well with your requirements
  • Next, we streamline the business applications and the processes
  • We offer migration and support systems along with the apt solutions
  • We finally deploy the solutions and monitor the solution to measure its effectiveness

With our support, implementation and upgrade solutions, we are the ideal partners for your business.

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