Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a strategy used to expand the business objectives, allowing and onboarding as many staffs as required so that the company can easily increase or decrease the resources to meet the changing requirements.AtDhyey Consultingwe believe in “Onsite”, i.e. client premises and “Offsite” i.e. at our world class software development facilities concept. The offshore strategic sourcing is highly appreciated by the clients because the numerous advantages and facilities offered. Some of them are:

  • Expansion of capital knowledge
  • Widespread business and development through strategical processes
  • Usage of latest technology
  • Innovation driven software and facilities

DynamicsStars Overview

Staff Augmentation comes with many benefits, namely

  • Staff augmentation is an easier process
  • Training control and monitoring all team members
  • Minimal risks
  • Lower internal resistance
  • Reducing of acquiring skill cost
  • Low staff cost, increase in labour
  • Ease of adoption
  • Consistency and efficiency of the work

With the team expertise, Dhyey ensures the best strategy of staff augmentation is incorporated in the client’s business plan for the better business experience. There are times when the company needs to recruit people for a short time; Dhyey’s augmented staffing allows you to engage a professional when you need one, without long term investments. Dhyey providing the best staff augmentation strategies help you in many ways:

  • Access to experienced professionals in short time
  • Focus on skills as per the requirement
  • Flexibility as per your need

When you have a large project and worried about recruiting and hiring a team to work for you, Dhyey staff augmentation is one of the best options you can avail.

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