Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a blessing in disguise for users. It is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and simplifies supply chain, finance and operations part of the organisation. It is easy to use and quick in adaptability. It possesses custom applications for any business. Storing and maintaining information from across the organisation into one central database is easy with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It makes the team work more efficiently. It is wonderful at the macro level. But when it comes to micro level management like finding a typical document, it is a pain for the users. It is capable of storing chunks of information but is unable to trace one document or file from that chunk.
Taking this problem into consideration, Dhyey Consulting has come up with a unique add-on in Dynamics NAV for all such users which is called Quick Trace.

DynamicsStars Overview

Benefits of Quick Trace add-on:

  • It is an expert in micro level management
  • Quickly finds any document associated with an internal or external document number
  • Finds all documents quickly and with great ease
  • Is a master in tracing a document through the system
  • It makes the entire process more efficient
  • It increases the competitiveness of any organisation
  • Most of all, it does what Microsoft Dynamics NAV was incapable of doing

Dynamics NAV becomes confusing when dealing with numbers of similar kinds like invoice number, order number, shipment number or a receipt. Quick Trace is devoid of any such confusion and is perfect with numbers.
Quick Trace can even locate multiple places where the required document is present in the Dynamics NAV system. The customer PO number, SO number or the transfer order number will need to be entered, and Quick Trace will show all the places where that number exists. It easily navigates to the document and saves the customer from all the hassle!

There are various versions of Quick Trace:

  • NAV 5.0
  • NAV 2009
  • NAV 2013
  • NAV 2013 R2
  • NAV 2016
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