Proof Of Delivery

Managing documents is a time-consuming affair particularly when manual processes are involved in Document Management. Organizations learn of electronic document management to do away with the paper-based processes, promote faster response to customers and benefit from cost savings. With a robust system in place, organisations can streamline accounting processes involved in sending, receiving as well storing of documents related to important transactions.

DynamicsStars Overview

Why is it important?

  • For organisations, Proof of Delivery becomes an imperative not only to ensure that the recipient has received documents sent by the organisation but also to promote great customer service by ensuring staff find easy access to proof of Delivery (POD) documentsand respond to delivery queries in quick time.
  • At Dhyey Consulting, we have developed a POD add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to help organisations that automate filing of POD documents and allow quick access to documents. Our POD add-on solution allows easy integration with the Microsoft Dynamics and promotes on-screen access for staff to deliver excellence by gaining quick access to POD documents.

With our solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV,organisations can make sure to take the signature of the recipient on touch screen devices and store that existence ofaproof in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

How beneficial is POD to organisations?

From capturing Proof of Document and track POD documents to accessing documents at the right time, our POD add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps organisations eliminate paper-based processes and speed up response times to ensure customer satisfaction.
Organizations leverage our POD add-on solution to ensure that right resources have instant access to POD documents at the right time to speed up dispute resolution and promote customer satisfaction. Take advantage of add-on solution to create a unique identifier for POD documents and identify documents quickly and effectively.

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