Manufacturing Industry

Introduction of new technologies in the market has made it easy for the manufacturers to support their business strategies. Dhyey Consulting - Microsoft Dynamics solution provider pulls all your manufacturing requirements to form a strategic plan. We help you boost up your confidence in delivering quality to your customers in every step.

DynamicsStars Overview

What do we specialise in?

  • Manufacturing orders
  • Billing of materials
  • Cost Management
  • Engineering management
  • Inventory management
  • Routings
  • Quality assurance

Our developed solutions are from industry experience. We cater to specific needs of different industries and monitor our solutions to your need. Quality along with trust is what we deliver at Dhyey consulting. Your business gets an overall shape, streamlined course of action, most of which is optimised using our solutions. Products get managed better, and you become a better business brand.
We will also guide you throughout in:

  • Reducing operational costs.
  • Identifying bottlenecks.
  • Material requirement planning.
  • Sales forecasting.

Overall, we support and execute the complete chain of thematerial organisation, supply and routing. Our solutions integrate with your business to effectively outflow the generic tasks which are repetitive and data-centric in nature. The solutions provide speedy execution to order management, billing, cost operations, engineering management, inventory management, routings, and quality assurance.
We perform functions that enable you to generate and execute businesses effectively. Our Microsoft Dynamics solutions provide all round expertise in managing your business.
Dhyey Consulting is there not just to help you but grow with you, evolve with you. We are here for innovating new business models, to meet the changing market requirements and the needs of your customers. Our mission is to simplify and objectify business with our Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions. Our add-ons are built carefully to specifically cater to specific aspects of the company, and therefore to optimise business processes for our clients.

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