Report Writing

Enterprise Report planning (ERP) is the application which handlestheHuman resource, customer database, supply chain and finance-accounting, project management, and operational improvement. Microsoft Dynamic NAV features ERP Solutions, and Report Development is one of the most important features among the others. The reports are information based, and Microsoft Dynamic NAV is just perfect for managing all the required services. The reports are of different functionalities. Some of them are of types:

  • HOC report which displays answers to the asked questions in atabular format
  • Test report which is committed to the consistency of posting process
  • Transaction report containing two items and information on the status of transaction
  • Executive which tracks and shows the companies’performance using the Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • The analytical report which manages information, analysis and recommendations

DynamicsStars Overview


Dhyey Consultingprioritizes its efficiency and keeps in mind the value of ERP/Microsoft Dynamic NAV development.It is necessary to keep arecordof the data of the project for the smooth running of the business and its expansion. It also helps in designing new strategies for marketing. The key performance indicators that help us track the performance level are:

  • Key performance metrics
  • Transaction and Dimension
  • Data regarding finance and customer
  • Analytical Needs

It also comes equipped with a set of certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV resources. Dhyey Consultinghas the technological function consultants for providing ongoing support for the end clients. The experienced team at Dhyey Consultingalsofollows systematic procedures foranalyzing the impact of business processes and makes it a more reliable way of incorporating new project designs. If you are looking for a place with the best service of report planning, Dhyey Consultingis the best option you should optfor.

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