Health Checkup.

To meet the transforming business needs, and increase your business opportunities in the evolving times, you need to adopt the right ERP solution. It is important to conduct a health check-up of your existing ERP solution or, the solution that streamlines the business processes at regular intervals.
Your business evolves, and so should your ERP solution. With a health check-up, you will know the value of your existing system, and risks it holds for your business. A system assessment will help you keep track of your business needs, and evaluate the perfect solution for it.

DynamicsStars Overview

How does health check-up help?

You will know

  • If your current ERP system offers value to your business
  • Does your business needs get nurtured by the existing ERP solution
  • Is your system missing out on the opportunities because of the outdated ERP solution?
  • Is the system and hardware health being affected by the existing ERP solution?
  • Is your IT staff able to handle the changing ERP needs?
  • Does the ERP system comply with the governance needs?

With a health check-up, you will know if your ERP actually matches the business needs perfectly.

Why Dhyey Consulting?

  • We conduct a risk analysis of the existing ERP system. We make a list of the features and functions that exist in your current ERP system
  • We calculate the direct and indirect costs of your existing ERP and the ERP system that your business needs. We do a comprehensive comparison
  • We perform a technology risk analysis as well
  • We have a questionnaire which helps us understand the value and risks involved with the current system
  • We have a process that takes us through the health checkup. Based on our check-up, we offer recommendations for your business
  • We have a team of experts, who help you analyse your system and offer the best solutions

Connect with us for a health check-up of your ERP systems.

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