For Manufacturers, effective inventory management is a requisite to avoid wasted time, disorganised workflows and unnecessary delays. Where it is becoming increasingly difficult to count and track physical inventories, advanced inventory management comes to the aid of manufacturers to enhance product quality and productivity.

DynamicsStars Overview

Key Features

  • Facilitate easy and effective tracking of all inventory items
  • Allow and accelerate data entry of count data by multiple users
  • Create count sheets in a specific way to count inventory
  • Simplify WIP counting
  • Reap insights from inventory turns analysis
  • Facilitate robust reconciliation reporting
  • Leverage historical statistics

We build add-on solutions that address specific business problems faced by organisations. At Dhyey Consulting, manufacturing industry experts have developed the Inventory Management (IM) add-on solution that helps manufacturers overcome hurdles in promotingeffective inventory management.


  • With our IM add-on solution serving as an integrated solution for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV, manufacturers reap benefits by extending the capabilities of the built-in value of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • By integrating our Inventory Management add-on solution with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, manufacturers can simplify cycle counts, inventory counts by way of posting, reconciliation and comprehensive data entry. With the built-in analytical value, our IM add-on solution allows manufacturers to act on rich insights
  • The Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives out comprehensive information about sales orders, inventory levels as well deliveries, allowing manufacturers to create comprehensive count sheets quickly, extract insights from advanced reconciliation analysis and benefit from simplified journal posting

Manufacturers can take advantage of the robust reporting capabilities of the add-on solution to streamline the process. With powerful reporting, manufacturers facilitate easy and quickidentification of obsolete inventory, items that do not reflect proper planning parameters and the financial impact caused by the irregularities. The reporting capabilities of the IM add-on solution also allow manufacturers to accelerate inventory discrepancy reconciliation.

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