The key to assuring seamless day-to-day business operations lies in managing human resources efficiently. Organizations make the most of robust HR systems to optimise HR service delivery, meet reporting, compliance, and regulatory requirements and assure secure access to sensitive employee data. For promoting effective human resource management, organisations count on Microsoft Dynamics NAV to streamline HR processes and gain the lead in the marketplace.

DynamicsStars Overview

Key Features

  • Achieve easy integration with relevant HR, Payroll modules of Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Drive best results from training and cut training costs
  • Leverage flexible and feature-rich functionalities to streamline arange of HR processes
  • Facilitate configurable workflow processes
  • Leverage analytics capabilities to analyse payroll costs
  • Empowers HR department to access relevant information, training, schedules, and communications
  • Streamline recruitment and hiring, top talent retention, promote top notch employee self-service

With rich experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV for clients across industries and industry expertise, we have developed add-on solutions that help organisationsmeet specific business demands.

What set’s us apart?

  • Our HR add-on solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to enhance productivity. It encompasses a wide range of areas, from timesheet and salary to appraisal and more. Organizations can take advantage of our HR add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to promote sophisticated data collection and gain insights from robust reporting.
  • The add-on solution is built to be user-friendly making it easy for users to configure and customise options that meet the business needs.
  • Whether an organisation wants to strengthen in-house training or promote effectivesuccession planning, our HR add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV proves to be a perfect fit to streamline processes and enhance overall productivity.

Our HR add-on solution has been created with the HR function in mind, with a view toenhancing the efficiency of HR administration for our clients, like no other.

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