GST or Goods and Services Tax is India’s biggest tax reform. This cumulative dual tax has replaced multiple indirect taxes. People all across the country are confused and clueless about GST implementation. Are you also one of those people?
We are here to help you automate your GST taxation process. Automation of tax is as important for you as it is for the benefit of the country. It is crucial as well as desired. Refer to the below workflow to understand the automation of your GST compliance. EaseMyGST ASP provider does this.

DynamicsStars Overview

The value proposition that EaseMyGST provides:

  • EaseMyGST has a strategic alliance with Microsoft which speaks volumes about the implementation of the ASP
  • It is integrated with Microsoft’s key business products like Office 365, Axapta, etc
  • It is a cloud-based comprehensive platform
  • It is integrated with ERP which will enable automatic upload of data on to the GSTN
  • It is poweredby Microsoft Azure which runs from India
  • Easy reconciliation of data between the buyer and the seller
  • It does complete tax data management
  • Creates more efficient processes
  • Reduces time needed to manage plenty of tax information
  • Data security is very high in order to maintain confidentiality

Benefits of using theEaseMyGST app:

  • The reconciliation of sale and purchase tax credit becomes extremely quick and easy
  • The software can be accessed both from thedesktop as well as mobile phones. This makes it handy to use whenever and wherever it is needed and also eliminates any hassle or delay involved
  • No delay in paying your taxes
  • Calculate your tax easily and pay

So what are you waiting for? Reach Dhyey Consulting Services, finalise everything and sign a contract with them. Find out the details pertaining to commercialization. Your software will be evaluated for integration and GST will be automated with EaseMyGST.

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