Customer Tracking Portal

It is a well-known fact that the most important factor for an organisation to increase its reach is the response and feedback of the current customers. In such a scenario, it becomes vital for the company to keep track of its customers. If you are a regular Dynamics NAV user and have a good customer base, you will be familiar with the fact that a lot of customersconstantlychase the accounts team of the organisation for getting details on ledger statements, invoicing, reconciliation, etc.
To remove all these frequently occurring problems in the organisation and as an attempt to make employees work hassle free, Dhyey Consulting has developed a unique and one of its kind solution that will not only improve the relations between the organisation and their customers but will also make the whole purchasing process quite transparent and seamless.
This solution is called Customer Tracking Portal and is basedon the .NET platform which allows it to be seamlessly integrated with Dynamics NAV ERP through web pages. Give a virtual access to your customers regarding anything and everything surrounding their transaction with your company and build a better base.

DynamicsStars Overview

A glimpse at our features-

  1. Customer specific graphic dashboard- It allows your customer to build an individual profile and reduces the possibility of any sort of deception from either side.This helps open doors to a much more enhanced level of transparency with your clients.
  2. Order status check
  3. Sales order, invoice, credit memos and related things
  4. Item list display
  5. Ledger Information access

Do visit our website to get the hang of our unique features and build better and profit-yielding solutions for your business, everything from one place- Dhyey Consulting.

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