Connect 360 (Product)

E-commerce portals are no more the bells and whistles for businesses but an absolute imperative to build online businesses and promote unparalleled customer service. With e-commerce sales increasing by the day, businesses are gearing up to handle e-commerce sales growth by integrating their e-commerce portals with their ERP system. The e-commerce-ERP integration is critical for businesses to automate customer service processes, optimize sales, reduce the time and manual labour and operate more efficiently.

DynamicsStars Overview

For businesses with Magento e-commerce platform, it makes sense to integrate Magento platform and the e-commerce system. The Magento-ERP integration serves businesses well by integrating inventory, orders, product details, shipping information and other features. At Dhyey Consulting, we offer Connect 360, an add-on solution that helps businesses achieve seamless integration between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
With our Connect 360, businesses find a seamless way to manage their Magento Community, Professional or Enterprise Store from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With the Connect 360, businesses make it easy to facilitate the exchange of data between the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento in both the directions.
By leveraging the Magento API, Connect 360 that has been developed using web services allows businesses to integrate every part of Magento platform with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The integration using Connect 360 also ensures that every product changes that happen within Microsoft Dynamics NAV gets reflected in Magento in real time. When it comes to updates, it just takes seconds with our Connect 360 add-on solution. Whether you have a single e-commerce store or multiple stores, Connect 360 supports multiple stores covering B2B, B2C and B2X, multiple currencies and multiple languages.

Key Features

  • Facilitate automatic notification to customers when orders are shipped
  • Automate tax compliance
  • Handle increased online sales without the need for additional resources
  • Streamline management of product and pricing changes to inventory
  • Establish seamless integration between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento platform
  • Reduce manual entry and time while enhancing throughput
  • Streamline inventory synchronization
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