CMMS (Computerized Machine Maintenance System)

Dhyey Consultingdevelop computerised Machine Maintenance System which is also known as Computerised Machine Maintenance Information System as an add-on service. It is a software package certified by Microsoft, and it maintains a database of information about any organisation’s maintenance operations. It helps in keeping a check on the organisation’s machinery and determining which of them require maintenance. It also holds information about repositories in each store room. All in all, it keeps arecord of all the assets of an organisation. This helps in increasing the productivity while reducing the use of human resources. The cost of production is reduced, and quality is improved, keeping in mind the security and profitability.

DynamicsStars Overview

Key features of CMMS:

  • Maintainingthe history of each machine
  • Keeping track of work order hence providing the technicians with a quick and easy access
  • Scheduling of tasks for preventive maintenance
  • A record of history and lifecycle of all the equipment
  • Management of work and checking if procedures are being followed
  • Management of all the assets of the organisation
  • Inventory management of maintenance material and repair parts
  • Schedule tasks which are recurring and send reminders to the people working on them
  • Helps in recording external requests from people outside the working team and tracks their completion

Reports and analysis from CMMS add-ons

  • History of all the machines with details of work order
  • Schedule of all internal and external tasks that need to be carried on along with their due dates
  • Daily report of work order so that the maintenance team can review it
  • A preventive schedule for each month and year

Future of CMMS

  • A mobile application of CMMS for easy access and records
  • An easy to use CMMS software
  • A cloud based CMMS taking care of all the backups too
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