BI Implementation

Dhyey Consulting offers Business Intelligence Services in a way that suits your business. With various approaches designed to custom fit our customers’ needs, Dhyey Consulting has been able to successfully provide Data Integration and Visualization solutions to companies all over the world. Through analysis and integration of the data provided, we offer services such as Data Visualization, KPI Metrics, Ready Financial and Sales Reports. What sets us apart from other BI firms, is that we focus solely on the client’s needs and all solutions provided are tailor-made to suit the client. Our reports are presented in a manner to provide for needs of precise decision-makers.
The importance of making informed decisions cannot be undervalued in business.This is where the services of Dhyey Consulting play a role. We turn the data provided to us into actionable insights. It is our aim to put the data together and dig deeper into it to bring to light aspects that not visiblein plain sight. This facilitates informed decision making thereby, resulting in better outcomes for the business. The data analysis we provide is easy to use as our primary focus is to deliver scalable business analytics capabilities that will have an impact on your business.

DynamicsStars Overview

Following are the key areas we excel in:

  • Visualising to enhance the message in your data using various BI tools and web services
  • Customising Visual Development
  • Designing Business Intelligence and Data Warehouses
  • Analysing and Reporting application design
  • Cube Development using SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Report Development by utilising SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Data Integration Development using SQL Server Integration Services
  • Designing database, tuning performance and DBA tasks
  • ISV packaged software design, development, deployment and support

By providing these services, we build a BI platform for our clients and implement BI solutions thereby facilitating informed business decisions.

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