Human resources are of utmost importance for an organisation. They are the ones that run the organisation and make it what it is for which the Human Resource Function cannot be undermined. It is the duty of the Human Resource department to identify and recruit people that are best suited for the position.Other functions of the HR team are conducting onboard training, optimising theproductivity of all employees and utilising all talents of employees to the maximum benefit. It is through the efforts of the HR department that the organisation runs smoothly. Adrenalin HRMS is the software that allows anyone to manage the Human Resource department in just a few clicks. It aids in mapping out the organisation’s requirements and providing possible solutions to these problems in the organisation.
With thegrowth in technology, digital HR has made a great impact on the industry, influencing engagement in employees and driving organisational culture. Adrenalin facilitates theeasy functioning of Human Resource Management, allowing for organisations to focus on theimplementation of these plans to enhance the work environment in the organisation.

DynamicsStars Overview

The key features of Adrenalin are:

  • Digital Transformation in one product
  • Modular Deployment
  • Depth of Functionality
  • Knowledge Transfer & Support
  • Easy Implementation
  • Multilingual Assistance

Adrenalin serves over 800000 users from about 700 clients. With the experience and expertise, Adrenalin Suite allows itself to be customised to include best practice specific to the required industry. The automation tools ensure proper investment of time making it easier to concentrate on strategic activities.
With the primary focus of the organisation on areas like sales and marketing, often the importance of HR is not realised. Adrenalin allows for smooth facilitation of HR management by evaluating the organisation’s needs and resources to derive what is best for the organisation.

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